Shelley Jackson – My Body

Shelly Jackon’s my body is an autobiographical hypertext narrative that combines text and image in an exploration of a personal bodily history. Manovichs’ theory of database in My Body uses HTML hypertext as the reader selects woodcut images of parts of the author’s body, meditations and anecdotes associated with each body part are revealed. Moreover, my body depicts that the links and order are just as significant as any other body part (hyperlink) where no text or object is more important than the other. Order is not needed as it is difficult to return to the main outlet of the page from transporting of hypertexts and navigation of the body is the interface in Manovichs’ terms. The user encounters a white-on-black line drawing of a woman’s body with clickable parts such as the arms, legs, toenails, and tattoos. Clicking on these areas, which are designated by  frames with hand-written labels, brings the user to pages dedicated to these specific parts, with written anecdotes and meditations accompanied by woodcut-style portraits. Blue hyperlinked phrases connect the memoirs to one another, allowing the user to experience the author’s body as both anatomically categorized and narratively intertwined, inscribed with histories and fictions. Moreover, you never actually return to the body but you can go more in depth of each hypertext. There is narrative at the level of the stories associated with each body part, and this autobiography is a form of narrative. order needed and the use of hypertext and this navigation of the body is the interface in Manovichs’ terms.





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